Food is very important to us at The Post Cottage, from a full breakfast in the morning, to refreshments later in the day.  Breakfast generally varies between sweet and savoury items.   We tune offerings to suit preferences and dietary requirements of guests, and with advance notice provide gluten free, dairy free, and meat or pork free offerings.  The menu varies each day, and typical items include sweet potato pancakes with grilled ham, poached salmon or grilled trout with poached eggs, mango blintzes, multi-grain waffles, to mention some of the many possibilities.


Fresh, Locally Sourced Food

As much as possible, we source our food locally. We use fresh organic eggs from cage free chickens from a farm just across the river. We often feature locally produced cheeses, such as the remarkable cheeses from Coach Farms or other New York State producers. Some of our meats come from a smokehouse a few miles away, and our sausage is custom produced, incorporating fresh herbs.

After-Dinner Delights

To cap off the day, we also offer a variety of refreshments, also varying from day to day and with the season.